This coming Saturday (Aug 16), Hungarian producer, Gnork, makes his Irish debut in Dublin’s Hangar for Codeworks first birthday.

Gnork a.k.a DJ Shark is a man of the simple tastes, his RA simply saying “I love chords. and bouncy beats. I make them sometimes. I live in Budapest…”. He’s known for his unique style of spacey, left-field electronic music. It’s not so easy to call it house as he just does something a little bit different. His use of ambient pads and drum breaks are quite prominent through his releases, each being as consistent as the last.

Check out our exclusive 60 seconds interview with Gnork below and be sure to check him out this Saturday in Hangar, for more information on the show click here.

Q) Which film/tv show do you wish you could’ve done the score for?

Laputa – Castle in the Sky

 Q) If you were a sportsperson who would you be and why?

The one that jumps off a cliff into the blue ocean and not scared to death.

Q) East Coast or West Coast?

North 🙂

Q) Best Restaurant you’ve ever been brought to before a show?

It was an Indian restaurant in Peckham before my first Rhythm Section with Luv Jam and Bradley Zero. It was also my best gig ever 🙂 Don’t remember the name though and never found it again 🙁

Q) How many autographs have you signed in your life?

Not sure I have ever.

Q) Things you can’t go away without?

Any book.

Q) Where’s the best place to go dancing in your home town?

Sunburst @ A38

Q) How did your names Gnork and Blorp come about?

Randomly 🙂

Q) What are your thoughts on extraterrestrial lifeforms?

Probably we’re not too interesting for them.

Q) Are you an alien yourself?

I feel like that most of the time 🙂

Q) The best remix of all time?

Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Remix)

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