60 seconds with Sandboards (FEEL MY BICEP)



Hailing from New Zealand, Tomas and Eden aka Sandboards have risen to fame fast. 2016 seen them releases on labels such as Krystal Klear‘s Cold Tonic and the iconic FEEL MY BICEP.

They were to first act to ever release on FEEL MY BICEP other than the Bicep guys themselves, which shows they are highly rated. Our editor Jordan Kinlan caught up with the guys as they took time out of their busy tour schedule to chat about their Dublin show in Wah Wah Club and more.

Q. Hey guys, thanks for taking time out to speak to us. How was your 2016?

A. Yo! It’s a pleasure. 2016 was pretty mad, with our debut release on Cold Tonic and then with the Feel My Bicep release, we have found ourselves very busy!

Q. For anyone that doesn’t know you hail from New Zealand. Tell us a bit about your musical background?

A. Dunedin (where we are from) has a pretty huge musical background that we are very influenced by. We both grew up on Flying Nun records.

Q. What is club culture like in New Zealand, are there many electronic music clubs?

A. There’s really no designated house/techno venues but a few great club nights are starting to pop up. Friendly Potential, Inky Waves and 121 are putting on some wicked nights back home.

Q. 2016 saw you release on fellow Dubliner Krystal Klear’s Cold Tonic. How did that come about?

A. Alex from Cold Tonic hit us up via Soundcloud late 2015 and we went from there.

Q. What does it feel like to be the first ever release on the iconic FEEL MY BICEP label other than the Bicep guys themselves?

A. We feel very honoured man. We have been fans of them for years! It has really opened a lot of doors for us.

Q. I saw you were in the studio recently with the likes of Hammer and Bicep, can we expect some tracks in the near future?

A. At the moment we are just hanging out and jamming to be honest.

Q. How has the European tour been going? Is it the first time you guys have visited Europe?

A. Its been amazing so far. We’ve met so many great people and seen some pretty wild shit (haha). This will be our first time over here DJing though.

Q. I know you like to use hardware in the studio a lot. What would be your go-to piece of gear?

A. Yamaha dx21!

Q. You play Wah Wah Club in Dublin soon for a Four Four Magazine and Hidden Agenda show, are you looking forward to it?

A. Yeah man, so excited. we have heard a lot of great things about Dublin and cant wait for a bangin’ pint!

Q. What can we expect from you this coming year, some releases, shows etc?

A. We have a E.P on Cold Tonic coming out very soon and a few more bits that we can’t say to much about just yet. Other than that we are pretty much touring for the rest of the year. Very busy!

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