“Are you familiar with Rampant Rabbits?”

It’s quite well known Kerri Chandler has a special place in his heart for Ireland, but not many know of his once off alias, Dick Dickler.

Dick Dickler – The Tapes has a mere 2556 views on YouTube but is easily one of the top house tracks ever produced.

Apart from the glistening hi hats and deep soulful chords there’s the intro. An intro you’ve definitely never heard on a house track before.

It’s a man from Dublin on the phone to another man from Cork, hassling him into buying his “Rampant Rabbits”, “Turbo Charged Passion Pounders” or “Pleasurable devices for ladies” as he likes to call them over the phone.

‘A Night With Dick Dickler EP’ was produced and mixed by Kerri in 2007.

When you bought the EP it came in a brown paper bag free with two johnnies (condoms to an international audience) and each side of the artwork was a left and right female breast.

You can stream the rest of the EP below.

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