Dublin based DJ & Producer Aero’s latest release has dropped today on Solid Tracks Records. This hugely anticipated release has been received extremely well by some of the music industries finest. Some of these names include Luke Slater, Marcell Dettman, Paula Temple, Slam, Stephanie Sykes, Alarico and more.

Aero’s Return To Disorder EP is an absolute dream for techno fans, who may be after that retro techno sound that has been produced with modern day software. Meaning that these tracks sound as large yet as dynamically diverse as ever. What a thrill! The release comprises of 6 tracks in total. 4 originals from Aero himself and 2 stellar remixes courtesy of ANNĒ and Nicolas Vogler.

The release itself stays true to Solid Tracks Records ethos, which is an amalgamation of depth, rhythm and groove. This is apparent throughout the entire release from the clever drum progressions to the funky hi-hats Aero utilises that makes it extremely difficult to stand still. Introduce some choppy vocals (as heard in Return To Disorder) and you’re onto a winner.

The release has been tried and tested well before release too. Most notably by Kyle Geiger, who played ‘Return To Disorder’ in his Berghain closing set. You cannot get much better than that. This is an absolutely remarkable body of work and one that will surely be doing the rounds for quite some time. It will be very exciting to see what else Aero has hidden up his sleeve. Whatever it is, it surely won’t disappoint.

You can listen and purchase the release on Bandcamp here.

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