The nightclub industry is set to return in 52 days. After recent noise made by various nightlife campaigners we now have an end in sight for the late night industry.

It’s been 18 months since we’ve danced, hugged our best friends in a sweaty club basement, festival or shared taxis to an after party, but this is it, we have finally been given a road map to recovery meaning we can make plans, purchase event tickets and make up for lost time.

Nightclubs are set to return on October 22nd once covid conditions are stable. It is unsure on where we stand with testing and unvaccinated attendees at this point in time.

Here’s what we know:

  • The first phase of the easing of restrictions will see the return on larger crowds at concerts and live events from September 6th.
  • Fully vaccinated crowds can return to indoor indoor venues at at 60% capacity while outdoor crowds will be capped at 75%.
  • The capacity at sports events is also likely to increase but this will feature different limits for indoor and outdoor events as well as vaccinated and unvaccinated crowds.
  • Nightclub pilot event with reduced capacity is due to take place in September.
  • The second major easing would commence on September 20th, with the return of workers to offices on a phased basis.
  • This phase will also see the return of indoor activities like bowling, team sports and after-school activities like dance and drama classes for children.
  • The roadmap would see the final restrictions lifted by October 22nd with face masks to remain in certain settings.
  • No longer needing to provide vaccine passports for indoor events or hospitality from October 22nd.

Minister for State Niall Collins said “Between now and October 22nd, there will be continual monitoring of the disease within our population and trends and how that’s impacting on our hospital services,

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