In true Aphex Twin fashion, his latest release comes shrouded in mystery. This will be his first EP since 2018, and is due out on Warp Records June 28th.

Is it even an Aphex Twin release without a bunch of teasers? There has recently been a ton of speculation about a new EP as fans everywhere were greeted with a bunch of mysterious activations in the digital realm. Posters found in record stores with QR codes linked to an augmented reality app YXBoZXh0d2lu, while some people discovered QR codes at his live performances:

‚Äč “@flipboe: this was a qr installation near the merchandise shop at Syd for Solen festival in Copenhagen. The installation linked to an app that plays a loop of a new Aphex Twin track. When I scanned the QR installation through the app this happened. Pretty cool!

The app reveals music and animation when prompted by the QR codes and when fans checked into the site, more information was revealed including the date 280623 hidden in the source code.

Today, “Blackbox Life Recorder 21f” was uploaded to the Aphex Twin Soundcloud but almost immediately disappeared. According to this Deezer page, it’s part of a four-track EP, Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760, out via Warp Records on June 28th. You can listen to the full track below, and via the usual streaming platforms which you can find here, along with pre-order the full EP*. This will be his first release since ‘Collapse’ 5 years ago.

*Edit included at 3.15pm as release announced on Aphex socials.

Check out Warp Records here to pre-order the full release.

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