Wonderlust Records announce a mouth watering 25 track Various Artists compilation, showcasing some of the countries up and coming techno stars, mixed with a generous helping of international heavy-hitters.

A pandemic, a global lockdown and six months of graft is the recipe that they needed to create something special, and they have delivered just that with ‘Wrath of Cerberus’.

Wonderlust’s ‘Wrath of Cerberus’ seeks to only push the boundaries of electronic music further, constantly chasing a higher BPM and a harsher kick drum, while simultaneously including old school melodies and rave sounds. Culminating the rage, misery and creativity of a range of international artists, this 25 track VA acts to set the bar for the future of the label and its unforgiving attitude.

Wonderlust’s Holy Trinity of intensity, experimentation and rage is noted within each of the tracks, resonated further through the bespoke illustration created by getweird.art. Their compilation of hardcore and industrial acts only supports this ethos more, with tracks from D.Carbone, Axel Picodot Patrick DSP, Plexøs, Ex_Machina, Another Alias, Vishscale, Kenny Campbell, ABSNTMNDED, Balrog, Oguz, Kaylah, Akwist, bunkerterror, Armed Response Unit, Syrette, Ohin, Xoplysm, RLHU, Illiya Korniyenko, Melissa D’Lima, Stanz Amor, Lekke, Realm and RADIUM.

Keeping true to techno’s roots, all profits generated by Wonderlust Records will be donated to BLM charities and other ANTIFA causes.

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