Berlins popular KitKatClub and Sage Club are forced to shut down depsite failed crowdfunding attempts

KitKatClub and Sage Club sit on Köpenicker corner in east Berlin and have provided club goers with some of the most memorable experiences and memories. Attracting a fetish infused audience, KitKatClub played a part in many clubbers lives in Berlin.

A crowdfunding project aimed to raise money to provide better noise protection for the venue, but still the contract for the club was unfortunately not renewed. Similar to Irish nightlife, Berlin has been hit with various club closures due to construction projects, rising rents or noise complaints.

One of Berlin’s biggest attractions is its historic clubbing scene, every third tourist who travels to Berlin go due to their club culture. Turning over €1.48 billion a year, Berlin’s clubbing scene continues to boom among the club closures.

A continuing issue not just in Ireland but Europe as a whole, club culture has sometimes been left in the dark. The fight to maintain what we all love so dearly, looks to be one that will remain for quite some time. With a staggering increase in revenue being pumped into various other projects, Europe’s clubbing scene, in it’s entirety, is beginning to crumble, and with a city like Berlin taking hit after hit; one can only wonder what this means for the rest of us.

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