Film artist Oonagh Kearney and composer Ellen King invite you to re-imagine the Port of Cork via a silent disco on a socially-distanced spot, with a shifting composition of sound, spoken word, beats and music.

Inspired by the life and legacy of Kate ‘Birdie’ Conway, an opera singer from Cork who at the dawn of the last century, set sail under the magnificent stage name “Mademoiselle Delrita”, they re-imagine the moment of her departure and her subsequent return.

BIRDIE invites you to look at the port as you might look at a cinema screen – as a series of dynamic scenes unfolding in real time. Via a silent disco headphone system, each performance invites an intimate audience to stand on a socially-distanced spot and tune into a shifting composition of contemporary sounds, spoken word, electronic beats and opera.

Guided by film artist Oonagh Kearney and composer Ellen King [ELLLL], you will be encouraged to listen, move, dance, stay still or simply watch in response – whatever feels comfortable. Their aim is to bring you into the present while simultaneously weaving in elements from the past. Our hope is fire up your imagination and embolden you to let go.

A co-production between Cork Midsummer Festival and Tyrella Pictures. You can find all the festival event details here.

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