Bitten Twice, a new Irish-US based collective dedicated to experimental rave music and visual art, host a live-stream this Saturday following the release of their debut compilation.

This Saturday from 6pm, catch the Bitten Twice collective’s live-stream, featuring sets from forward thinking artists such as Nu Mafia, An Eldritch Abomination & Dublin’s own Roo Honeychild. The stream is hosted on ‘COMMON’ on Currents FM which is a platform dedicated to making live-streams feel more like the reality of being in a club, allowing fans to directly support independent artist’s content.

Founded during lockdown, they are dedicated to showcasing the more experimental side of electronic music, which their first compilation epitomises, covering genres such as jungle and gabba, but with an even more experimental twist. With tracks from Julie Louise Knifefist, Ozwald, Rory Sweeney, Fomorian Vein and more, this is not one to be missed. Later this year will see the release of their second compilation album, along with an EP release from Rory Sweeney too, so there is no slowing down for them anytime soon.

Catch their live-stream on Currents FM tomorrow [Saturday at 6pm] right here.

Keep this in mind when purchasing music today, that Bandcamp have waived their fees for the very first Friday of the month to help support artists during the COVID 19 pandemic.

You can pick up the full 17 track release today via their Bandcamp page here.

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