Chicago has played an very important roll in the development of dance music over recent years. It has been the home and export for some of dance musics best DJs, poducers and sub genres. One of our most preferred genres would be booty bass or ghetto house. To our luck today we’ve seen the announcement of our favorite, Debo D a.k.a DJ Deeon.

DJ Deeon returns to Dublin this September in Hangar as Techno & Cans team up with Abstract to get yo’ bootys bouncin’. Deeon is well known for his classic releases on the American house label, Dance Mania. He took inspiration from the streets of Chicago during the late 60’s and 70’s and his 808 to help create one of the most important sub genres to date. The majority of his original releases were created using only a Roland 606, 808. 909 and a sampler, recorded all to cassette tape. This sparked the Chicago house and Detroit techno trends.

Himself, along with artists like DJ Funk, Jammin’ Gerald, Paul Johnson and many more helped to influence a range of artists in all genres even the legendary Daft Punk. Although their lyrics aren’t very PG, they help with hyping dance-floor. Recently we’ve seen his tracks return to DJs record boxes with some re-releases on the likes of Jackmaster’s Numbers imprint.

“It’s just fun music. It’s kind of like a getaway from the reality of life to music. Get freaky with a stranger music. Girls kissin’ girls music. Stress relief music” said Deeon about his home genre. “The best thing [about Ghetto House] is there is almost always a packed dance floor! It moves the crowd. Ain’t that what we came here for?”

In case you missed it, check out our article on the ghetto house revival listing our favourite ten booty bass classics.

For more information on Deeon’s return click here.

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