Forget about the cold and the sight of snow, there’s a Daft Punk tribute Pyramid show in Dublin tonight and it sounds incredible.

After the 17 year anniversary of their iconic Discovery album a few weeks back, Da Funk, a Daft Punk tribute group are bringing a live A/V show, including the iconic pyramid, to Hangar’s warehouse tonight to finish off the St Patrick’s weekend in style.

The pair are renowned for their accuracy to the original pair, which obviously includes the pyramid structure, as well as custom made Helmets and obviously a whole heap of Daft Punk tracks and edits. The famous french flavour will make for a great end to what’s been a very busy St. Patrick’s weekend for fans of electronic music in Dublin.

Tickets for the event start at €13 and you can get a hold of them right here. For anyone looking for more details, you can join the event here.

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