Just when we thought there was some level or normality beginning to take shape in Ireland, Dali’s event in the Cork City Gaol has sadly been pulled.

With excitement at overload after 5 months of indoor activities, the idea of a sensibly organised social distance event had the country and the people of Cork specially, incredibly excited at the prospect.

The event, which was being organised by Dali Cork promised live music, local food stalls, cocktails, craft beers and local DJs in the famous Cork Cty Goal, sadly, has been cancelled just hours before the big opening weekend. We can only imagine how heartbreaking this is for the team involved, the local community and the small businesses that were all ready and eager to sell their produce at the series of sold out dates.

Although this event promised to bring some much needed fun, revenue and appetite back to the city of Cork, it seems that maybe this plan didn’t appeal to absolutely everyone, with the venue coming under last minute objections and difficulty. You can read the full statement from Dali here.

You can read the full statement here.Read the Dali full statement below.

It has been a long journey to get these 6CK events over the line. We have jumped through hoops to get this going. We had worked with and had the full support of The Garda, The Council & The Courts subsequent to a successful and costly appeal.

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