Finally, there is some positive news about the opening of venues and clubs in Ireland, as Dali Cork announces that a series of scaled back opening parties will commence later this month.

Do you live in Cork? Stick July 23rd in the calendar, as Dali Cork will finally be reopening, although it will be with a limited capacity initially. The venue will be a strict 100 entrance for their opening two weeks, while the phased reopening system gets underway. Yay!

Here’s the low down from Dali:

“Come get cozy on one of our many beanbags, booths or sofas.
Ye cant be rubbing off each other on the dancefloor for a while, but two stepping for hours doesn’t require much space so you can boogie away from your very own lil spaces with yo crew 😎

Capacity is limited to 100 on re-opening, and we alway say some of our fave gigs have been the ones with like 60 cretins left clinging for dear life in the club vibing out”

Opening hours:

Thursday (18s)
Friday and Saturday (20s)

Tickets for the opening weekend will be on sale this coming Wednesday from the venues Facebook page.

Please note: These dates are all still possible to change.

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