Demuja speaking on Austria’s nightlife, keeping it real & his upcoming show in Dublin

Hailing from the country of Austria, Demuja has really taken the electronic music scene with an exciting sound and energetic attitude. Having released on labels Nervous Records, Foodmusic, 124 Recordings, being a standout artist on the famous YouTube channel OOUKFunkyOO and his own imprint MUJA, he’s swiftly becoming one of the top artists in the house music scene.

We sat down with him for a chat about a few topics like Austrian nightlife, what makes an artist unique and his upcoming show in Dublin.

Q: Good afternoon Demuja! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. How are you feeling today?

A: Hey hey! I’m feeling good. I’m currently on a train now going home from an 8h-gig yesterday, so I’m a bit tired.

Q: Austria, tell me a bit about it. What’s the nightlife like?

A: I’m from a little city, named Salzburg, and there is not really nightlife. Just here and there some parties, but there is good nightlife in Vienna, and I think Innsbruck is also growing a lot. Some young, motivated people making good parties there! So if you want to visit Austria, you can do sightseeing in Salzburg as well, but you’re better to go out at night in Vienna.

Q: What’s your favourite generation of music to sample?

A:  ’70s Soul

Q: What does your current studio setup consist of?

A:  It really depends on every tune. I’m working mostly on Logic and NI Maschine. But I also have some synths around (like the Roland Aira-stuff, an Electribe, an old Tascam and some other stuff), which I use sometimes.

Q: You were a drummer for 10 years. What would be your favourite piece on a drumkit?

A: The snare.

Q: What do you think makes an artist unique?

A: Of course, I think an artist should be “real”. Don’t fake somebody, just be yourself.

Q:  What’s the one thing you could not live without?

A: My family

Q: Do you think the art of DJing is a bit looked over with set times usually being no longer than 2 hours?

A:  Yes! For example, I really like playing 3-4 hours, because you can get people on a kind of “journey”. I only can speak from my side, but my sets are VERY colourful, so you will hear everything inside: Disco, House, Techno.

If I was to play “only” the same style, maybe 2 hours is enough?! And I think it also depends on what your motivation is. I started with DJing first and became a producer after, so my main thing always was DJing, and this is what I love to do for more than 2 hours a night

Q: You’re making a visit to Dublin on May 5th with the Grey Matter collective. Are you excited for it? ‘CAUSE I AM.

Click here to find out more about the Dublin event with Grey Matter.

A: Yes, totally. It’s my first time there, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dublin. So I’m really looking forward to it!

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