Who’s not a fan of DJ Ez? Absolutely no one, so what better way to spend your weekend, than dancing around your house on Saturday evening, right through to Sunday at 6pm.

We’ve seen live streams, studio sessions, podcasts, Ep’s and album releases all playing their party to soften the isolation and cabin fever, we’re currently experiencing, but this is one live stream we can REALLY get excited about.

So, this Saturday get the cans in and get ready to dance around the gaff with whoever you’re lucky enough to be isolated with, as DJ EZ will be none-stop live broadcasting on Boiler Room. 6pm Saturday – 6pm Sunday, this will be special.

DJ EZ had this to say about the current ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

We have all been witnessing the unprecedented events over the past few weeks and I am sure you all agree that this is a deeply distressing time, to say the least!

We have put a lot of thought into how we can use my platform to send out a message of positivity, hope and uplift the spirits of everyone at these difficult times.

Staying home and following social distancing as much as possible is the only way we can work together to help combat this virus, support our NHS and save lives!

I understand many of us will be worried about the impact this is having on our families, our work and our mental health that is why I have decided to show my solidarity to everyone who is facing new challenges by performing another 24 non-stop DJ set. This time without a studio audience, but you all can join me online.

I will be partnering with My Kind Deed, a project created to output nothing but good news in the world. We simply wish to encourage/highlight positivity and kindness. I strongly believe that kindness is the key to improving even the worst situations, and I think we can all use a bit more of that right now.

The set will be streamed live via Boiler Room along with my Facebook this coming Saturday 28th March from 6pm GMT through to 6pm GMT on Sunday.

Each one of us has the power to make a difference, we all choose how we react and what we take from a situation, now more than ever kindness is needed, after all, human kindness is the one thing we can all get involved in and it is the one thing that has the ability to impact every one of us by leaving a lasting impression.

I know so many of you are already doing some incredible things, please do come together online this Saturday and create a community sharing these stories of hope, of resilience and kindness.

Together we can shout loudly about all the good that’s around us. Together we will get through this.


Please stay home, Stay safe!

Want to get in the mood and excited for Saturday? Watch DJ EZ’s now world famous Boiler Room from 2012 now.

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