DJ Seinfeld has enjoyed quite a successful run since the release of his debut album. Massive sets in the Telegraph Building in Belfast, as well as with Or:la in the UK and more have been just the tip of the iceberg for the Swedish producer.

One stop on his post-album tour was the US. On the last stage of his tour he played a special set for Boiler Room’s New York installment. The set went down in infamy as he flew through a number of genres, playing some rave along with house and electro. Over the past few months he has shaken the reputation of a one dimensional lo-fi house producer into a well rounded producer and DJ.

Or:la gave us a preview of his new track coming on her Deep Sea Frequency label in her new Boiler Room set, with the track being a far cry from what he first emerged with.

The latest in the impressive line of content from the Swede is a mini documentary showcasing his time in New York City with close friend and fellow house DJ and producer, Baltra.

The New York native joined Seinfeld on the NYC Boiler Room bill and was one of the leading names in the resurgence of the crackly house sound.

The documentary shows the pair getting to eat in a New York diner, record shopping all while Seinfeld outlines some of the stresses and strains of a European DJ playing in the US for the first time.

We also witness his initial reaction to seeing his own record for the first time in person. Footage from the Boiler Room set takes us back to the unique vibe created in the Elsewhere club on that evening, and really solidifies the piece as a totally unique insight into one of the most unique figures in house music right now. He gets a tattoo, buys his own album and details one of the most complex periods in his life.

Check out the full documentary below:

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