Strawberries will host a four hour takeover on HÖR BERLIN on Saturday [Tomorrow] to help raise funds for the Queer Relief Fund Beirut, who are working on the ground in Beirut to help LGBTQ+ following the port blast in August. 

The explosion left nearly 200 dead, 10,000+ injured & 300,000+ homeless and is considered to be the 3rd largest explosion in history. It came during the corona pandemic and the worst economical crisis in the history of the country. The Lebanese government has consistently failed at aiding the Lebanese people, who are left to fend for themselves. 

Among those affected are individuals from the queer community, which is already marginalized, and even more so now. Due to unclear laws, lack of rights, and social restrictions, the queer community finds it hard to seek help from non-queer initiatives for safety reasons, whether it’s due to family conditions or professional reasons.

As an event series, Strawberries kicked off their excellent party relatively recently, starting in 2019. Their events combine electronic music and art to enhance the experience for attendees, hosting 3 sold out parties with some of Ireland’s best music selectors and designers. In solidarity with LGBTQ+ people affected by the Beirut blast, Strawberries are set to host a takeover on much loved HÖR radio Berlin on October 10th to raise much needed funds for Queer Relief Fund, who have been re-housing and providing financial aid to those in need. 

The absence of a competent government (before and even more so now) led Lebanese people to fend for themselves and come up with community-based initiatives in order to help each other. Since the queer community was never a priority for the government, and is definitely not one now, Queer Relief Fund have decided to support the community themselves to help it get back on its feet fast.

You can donate to the Go Fund Me page right away, plus during the full four hours of streaming tomorrow and beyond. Just click this link below or visit the website here.

The schedule for tomorrow’s live stream is as follows (GMT +2) – Simply visit the Hor Berlin YouTube channel here to watch the stream.

18:00-19:00 Sparkling Water Dreams 

19:00-20:00 Arabs Do It Better 

20:00-21:00 //T-RAIL// 

21:00-22:00 MDSM 

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