We all need to do our part in keeping the environment clean, and thankfully Bodytonic also agree. Venues and festivals contribution to the plastic waste issue is rather huge and often alarming, but the much loved and renowned Dublin based collective are going green in all of their their bars, clubs and events going forward.

Bodytonic, who have bars, restaurants and venues all over Dublin, including the new Jam Park venue in Swords, announced they’d be doing their part to help keep the world a slightly cleaner place, by going green.

The crew who are no stranger to their cleanup efforts, have always encouraged people to clean up their surrounding areas with the offer of free drinks to those returning to their premises with a bag full of rubbish. This initiative started when the canal near the old Bernard Shaw saw an increase in litter and waste during the busy summer months. Bodytonic have always pushed sustability and positive enviromental changes and this move continues to align with their mission.

The below quote is from their statement regarding the jump to going fully green.

Here we decided to go with compostable and recyclable, from coffee cups to straws, napkins, plates, forks and knives. 

If something is compostable, it means it is made of organic matter and it can completely break down to make nutrient-rich compost. Which is way better than leaving plastic in the environment decaying for hundreds of years.

We also have our own reusable glassware to our bars, events and festivals which amazingly does the same job as the plastic glasses but without being thrown away after used and ignored forever.

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