We’re super happy to present an Ireland and UK exclusive viewing of Dax J’s most incredible ‘Simulated Reality (Terafactory AI Electronics)’ official music video.

The track is taken from Dax J‘s forthcoming third studio album Utopian Surrealism, which he wrote during lockdown and inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s book ‘Sapiens’.

The video was made by the Japanese artist AUJIK, in collaboration Dax. The video itself was filmed in Osaka before being made into a simulated reality.

Dax J’s Utopian Surrealism observes our transition into a new dystopian era. It reflects the strain in distinguishing truth and reality from the ever-growing radicalised networks of global manipulation, whilst extreme polarised realities, AI, deception, and mass poverty stay hidden away as we accelerate into the next stage of evolution.

Ahead of the full album release, you can purchase the album sampler on vinyl and digitally here.

  1. Universal Future Sound
  2. Simulated Reality (Terafactory AI Electronics)
  3. Utopian Surrealism

Dax J’s full 10 track third studio album is set to be released late this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for release date and information.

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