Federico Gardenghi talks finding techno and balancing gigs with school life

Federico Gardenghi is a young techno DJ residing from Italy. Discovering electronic music at such a young age his passion grew stronger till now at 12 years old a well established DJ. Federico has caught the eyes of the right people, for instance Carl Cox. A bright future lies ahead for young Federico.

Q: How did you first come about electronic dance music and more specifically techno?

A: I started listening to the electronic music when I was a really little boy. On my mum and dad’s car radio there were always beautiful songs. I started loving them at that time. Then, in Catania, I first discovered the techno music and that was just love ! Above that, I just always loved listening to music …

Q: For such a young age how do you balance your school life and DJ’ing?

A: I go to school every day like all other kids do. I spend the time listening to music in the afternoon after my homework are done. And when possible, I do my live streaming on Facebook on Friday afternoon. I also have other hobbies, I play tennis and I love skiing. Listening to music is a beautiful passion because you can hear it always and everywhere.

Q: Do many of your friends at your age listen to techno as well or are you the only one? 

A: Through my passion also some friends of mine started loving techno too.

Q: How did you get your first break to be playing gigs?

A: It was actually by chance. I was skiing and there was a great apes-ski party! I have so much pestered with questions and they let me try … that was the first time I ever touched a professional console. That was back in December 2011.

Q: Do you ever have problems getting into clubs with your age to play gigs?

A: Normally I can play in clubs but I never overcome midnight. And of course my parents and the organizers have to take care of all permissions …

 Q: At home do you only listen to techno or do you find yourself listening to mainly different genres?

A: I just love music. I find myself loving many different genres and not only DJ’s, I love Adele, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars My Christmas present has been the ticket for Coldplay concert!

Q: I read that you were invited to play back-to-back with Carl Cox before, how did this come about?

A: I was in Ibiza on vacation and I was at the Sands Club. They had a great console and beautiful and as usual I pestered the DJ’s … Then the director understood I was so keen on dj’ing and he let me play … I was not aware that was Mr. Cox’s club, he came there and he listened to me and then we played together … that was just a dream !!!

Q: After a busy year playing gigs all around Europe, what has been your highlight of 2016?

A: I loved all that I did, I loved the sound and the lights in Metz, I loved the crowd and the beautiful roof view I Cracow, I loved the friends in Sicily, and it was just amazing the almost one million people at the street parade in Zurich.

Q: What does 2017 hold for Federico Gardenghi?
 A: I hope a lot of good music and a lot of friends enjoying and dancing it !
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