The first Electric Picnic since 2019 looms, and excitement is starting to build as the festival boasts its most impressive edition yet. Four Four have the pleasure of hosting the Anachronica Stage on the Saturday night, and we bring a flurry of quality Irish techno with us. Get familiar with our no nonsense techno lineup.

Electric Picnic serves as the largest festival on the Irish festival circuit. With a capacity of 80,000, and the biggest lineup of the year, it’s one of the most anticipated editions of the festival yet. The festivals boasts colossal headliners such as Tame Impala and Arctic Monkeys, and feeds right down to Helen Hauff and Jeff Mills. There’s a little slice for everyone at Electric Picnic, and wether it’s pop, rock, techno or hip-hop, the festival has you covered.

EP is home to the Anachronica Stage, also known as the rave in the woods to regular festival revellers. The Anachronica Stage has earned a reputation for being one of the awe-inspiringly and most sought after festival stages in Ireland by both punters and DJs. Four Four Mag has the pleasure of curating an all Irish lineup with some of Irelands most exciting names within techno, from festival favourites right through to electrifying up and comers, the lineup is packed with quality techno selectors.

We take a closer look at the Four Four Magazine lineup At The Anachronica Stage At Electric Picnic on Saturday night.

Shannen Blessing

One of 2022’s biggest break out stars, Shannen Blessing will open up the woods. Shannen has had a massive 2022 and it’s not looking like it will slow down any time soon, with two appearances on the coveted Hör Berlin and a string of festival appearances, the youngster has been showcasing her driving style of techno on the biggest of stages. Shannen has an eclectic taste in techno, drawing influences from various corners of the genre, from raw and hypnotics rollers right through to trance licked peak-time stompers, the youngster is well capable of causing a ruckus at any given moment.

Sam Greenwood

Welsh native Sam Greenwood has been at the helm of some of Ireland’s finest techno parties for best part of the last two decade’s. The Techno & Can’s boss man’s mixing style and musical taste is derived from years playing out throughout the UK and Ireland alongside some of techno’s most formidable selectors. Sam was an instrumental part of seminal Irish techno venue hangar, which is still responsible for many of Ireland’s most successful DJs and producers. With a sharp ear for pounding grooves from all era’s, and razor tight mixing skills, it’s always a masterclass when Greenwood enters the booth.


One of Ireland’s most promising DJs and producers, Aero will take the reins in the forrest. Having quickly built up a repertoire for making industry standard techno tracks that have gained attention from some of techno’s most prominent DJs, the youngster also boasts an extensive knowledge of techno for a young age. Having become a regular on Dublin’s techno scene, Aero has shared the booth with many of his heroes throughout the years and gained a reputation for no nonsense techno selections.

Tommy Holohan

Rave Selekt’s boss man Tommy Holohan need’s very little introduction, having become one of the most successful Irish exports in techno in the last decade. Track’s like Subaru Impreza and Costa Del Rush have become cult favourites for Irish festival goers, and have propelled Tommy onto the world stage. Holohan’s style scream’s vintage techno, with a distinct touch of rave. With two Boiler Room’s behind him, a number of distinguished 12 inch releases and appearances at some of the finest venues across the globe, the Rush native is an absolute force to be reckoned with. Tommy will close down the show at The Anachronica Stage on Saturday night and we couldn’t think of anyone better for the job.

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