We’re a mere four weeks away from the most anticipated weekend in Irish dance music. Life Festival returns for its first edition since 2019 and were absolutely buzzing. To get you in the mood we’ve compiled a list of 10 things you can expect to experience at Life Festival this year.

It’s been a long time since we’ve experienced a camping festival on home soil, and we’ve been counting down the day’s for a little too long. There’s nothing better than heading down on a big bus with a gang of your mate’s, full of excitement and cheap larger, pondering the thoughts of the weekend ahead of you.

Life Festival marks the first camping festival of the 2022 calendar and it’s the most significant one yet, after two summers of no festivals, no gigs and no craic, were ecstatically excited to let loose in a field for three days.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things to expect at Life Festival this year.

Late Night Techno At The Index Stage

When the sunshine begins to fade and the darkness looms over the festival sight, there’s only one place to be for darker sounds and that’s the Index Stage. The Index Stage has been home to Irish techno and internationals for many years, and its notorious for its intense energy every year. Expect things to get very sweaty this year.

Big Blue Bus Pizza

The Big Blue Bus is one of the most iconic buses in Ireland and its pizza is equally iconic. Stuffing your face with pepperoni slices on a double decker bus with a big group of mates is one of life true pleasures. Anyone fancy a slice?

Sunsets By The Lake

One of the most magical places at Life is the lake. This where you can come to chill and soak in the special atmosphere down at Belvedere House. Nothing beats watching the sunset with your best mates at your favourite weekend of the year.

FJAAK Letting Loose On The MainStage

FJAAK are known for their party starting DJ set’s and the duo are a fan favourite for Irish punters, so no doubt they will be a highlight at Life Festival this year. The pairing are set to take the Life Festival main stage by storm and judging by their previous set’s at Life Festival, this will be wild.

Sunrise Set’s

Saturday nights & Sunday morning at Life Festival are always an absolute treat. There’s not many feelings that come close to early morning dances at Life Festival, as dusk turns to dawn and the music is still pumping, there’s a sense of euphoria that can’t be explained. I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Sunil Sharpe Masterclass

Irish techno lord & Life Festival regular, Sunil Sharpe return to the festival for what will be without a doubt one of the sets of the weekend. Sunil is known for his outstanding skills in the booth and his eclectic choice of techno weapons. Get ready for a lesson in techno.

Sunday Night Campsite Craic

When all is said in done in the main arena on Sunday, dancers turn their heads to the campsite. Ravers are known for their make shift raves in the campsite, handled by the trusted bluetooth speaker. Wether it be a chilled nightcap or a dance till the dawn at the campsite, you can be guaranteed to have some memorable moments on a Sunday night at Life Festival’s campsite.

Big Bangers From Kettama

In recent years Kettama has become a staple of Life Festival’s illustrious linue-up’s, and we’re excited to see the Galway native make his much-anticipated return for his most biggest set yet. This is guaranteed fire power.

Lounging On The District 8 Hill, Watching The Party Unfold From The Best Seat In The House

There’s nothing like kicking back on the District 8 stage on a Sunday evening, watching the party unfold with a birds-eye view of the festival. Wether it’s a rum and coke or a Buckfast on ice to wet the lips, we assure you this is the best seat in the house.

Soaking Up The Atmosphere Of The Life Festival Forest

If the the tree’s could talk, they’d tell a tale of high vibrations, big smiles and a heap of craic. The forest is one of the more secluded and chilled areas at life Festival, and it’s easy to miss, but an essential to regather yourself and take some time to soak in the atmosphere.

The list could go on and on, but this is just a small amount of exciting things to look forward to at Life Festival 2022. Who’s joining us?

You can purchase tickets to Life Festival HERE.

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