Cork based label Flood have announced a new release with Lithe, an Australian based DJ and producer with his new ‘Nos’ EP. Available now on Bandcamp to pre-order, with the full release to follow on October 16th.

Flood is an Irish record label, originated in Cork, founded by producers Syn, Doubt & Tension. The label is Ireland’s flagship percussive dance label, which is bringing huge diversity to the Irish electronic scene, while also helping to pioneer the Irish hard drum sound, which has gone from strength to strength in popularity over the past number of years.

Their releases have gained international recognition from international champions such as I Hate Models, dropping Doubt & Tensions ‘Steam Cycle’ in his infamous 1NN3RT1ME stream, while also gaining the attention of The Guardian earlier this year, due to the vibrant Cork electronic scene. The Guardian’s article gave an excellent insight into the struggles faced for creatives surviving in Ireland, despite their success at home. Give this a read here.

The leading track ‘Nos’ kicks off the EP with a hypnotic blend of mechanic vocal chops, woven between sporadic hard drums, while ‘One for Russ’ follows with a cavernous driving kick drum, layered with pitched hats, carnival drum hits and brooding FX.

Check out the lead track via their Soundcloud page below, which can be preordered here from Bandcamp. Please keep in mind that Bandcamp waive their fees to support artists throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic every Friday.

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