We all recently learned that LWE (London Warehouse Events) stepped away from running events in the one of the English capital’s best clubs, Printworks. They promised that they’d return to running events in the very near future and it seems as if they’ve fulfilled that with a very cryptic teaser that simply reads ‘This Is A Screen Test’ on a distorted background.

Flashes of an old, disused building seem to give a hint that they might have a new venue on their hands. With that being said, this could just be a unique all-day festival or something of the likes.

We all know well at this stage that London’s clubbing scene took some major hits over the past ten years or so, however the installation of a night mayor as well as the somewhat progressive views of mayor Sadiq Khan have allowed the nightclub and electronic music community to claw back some of their formerly famed reputation in the past few months.

Given the scale and the production that was the case with the whole catalogue of events that were ran through Printworks via LWE all of last year, we’re sure that whatever they’ve got lined up; be it a new venue, festival or anything else, that it will most definitely be something to behold.

You can sign up to their newsletter here to keep up to date with their forthcoming announcements.

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