Stepping up next for our tenth Global Mix is Berlin based techno DJ and producer Duran Duran Duran.

Off the back of his most recent album ‘Duran’ Ed Flis has produced us with 50 minutes of techno / break influenced bliss. Inspiration for this mix can be heavily seen throughout his recent album which Resident Advisor described as “a relentless yet dynamic LP that, despite its grinding textures, sludgy acid and frenetic sampling, never forgets breakcore’s crucial ingredient: fun.”

Flis’s last full album was back in 2010 with his ‘Over Hard’ LP. Comparing the two album’s together you can’t help but notice the progression in sound design and manipulation.

Check out our exclusive ’60 seconds’ interview below followed by his mix.

Q) Which film/tv show do you wish you could’ve done the score for?

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish starring Douglas Fairbanks

Q) If you were a sportsperson who would you be and why?

Without a doubt Takeru Kobayashi, the world competitive eating champion.

Q) East Coast or West Coast?

Oooh controversial question. Growing up I would have said no doubt East Coast forever, now I would be very happy if the East Coast just sank into the ocean.

Q) Best Restaurant you’ve ever been brought to before a show?
Hm this is tough to answer actually because I generally don’t like to eat a big meal before shows. And being on tour is generally more about grabbing a quick pizza on the way to the gig or some crappy snacks backstage than sitting down at a nice restaurant. One really great place that comes to mind Cacao Mexicatessen in LA.
Q) How many autographs have you signed in your life?
Not loads but definitely a few and it’s always quite touching to be asked. Mostly records or CDs I’d say. One time I remember a group of really excited kids at a show in Bristol had me sign the insides of their hats. A girl asked me to sign her crushed up can of lager before. I’ve only signed breasts once.
Q) Worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in?
Hotel Neutraal in Amsterdam. Quickly ducked in here coming out of Centraal Station after missing a flight home and it suddenly started pissing down rain. I figured ‘Hey, it’s next to Centraal Station on the main strip how bad could it be?’ Tiny damp rooms, one shared filthy bathroom, cum stains on the walls, homeless people hanging out in the staircase, lights flickering on and off, the sound of people faintly weeping. Perfect place to ride out a post-gig comedown. 10/10. Also I remember they put us in a pretty amazing hotel in Miami once where the windows were glued shut and the tv only had one channel which showed anal porn.
Q) Things you can’t go away without?
Mint Toothy Tabs from Lush definitely changed my life, shout-out to Sickboy for that tip.
Also socks, I always calculate how many I need per day and then double it.
Q) The best remix of all time?
Mariah Carey – Fantasy Remix featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Q) Where’s the best place to go dancing in your home town?
The Republican
Q) What’s your favourite Duran Duran song?
Skin Trade
Q) What’s your favourite Duran Duran Duran song?
They’re all quite bad to be honest.
Q) Have you ever been caught with one of them porn noise videos on Facebook?
I have not but maybe one day!

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