We’ve a special Sunday night thumper this evening, as we host a mix from two of Ireland’s fastest paced techno DJs on the circuit, Josh Reid and the mysterious DJ Frequency.

From Dublin to now residing in Berlin, the two talented DJs come together to showcase their excellent taste, thrown into 2 hours of all vinyl pumping, electric and fast paced techno.

Josh Reid started out in Dublin almost 10 years ago with sets at the now closed Sweeneys, The Twisted Pepper, Hangar and The Button Factory, it was here that Josh developed his trademark quick-fire mixing and sharp ability to engage even the toughest of crowds. A move to New Zealand followed shortly after where he continued to build his sonic library before relocating to Berlin, where he’s currently based. 

DJ Frequency is part of the balaclava bearing DJ ‘Digital Indecency’ duo and is known for his style and taste, which can be best described as fast, heavy, pounding, loopy and absolutely energising. Frequency’s fast paced, choppy mixing is a modern day resurgence of the 90’s techno style which he is inspired by.

This bangs hard. Turn this up and turn this up LOUD!

If you want to deep dive into our mix series more, check out the playlist or the rest on our SoundCloud.

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