Our Global Mix series has been a little quiet of late, but that all changes today, as we kick start our bi-weekly mix series with PADDY, a rising star of the UK house scene.

We’ve been aware of PADDY’s name for a number of years, seeing his name pop up on mega lineups, hearing his tracks played out by some of the biggest names, plus the odd Four Four premiere. We’re delighted to welcome this young, up and coming DJ to our Global series.

The 23 year old Manchester-based DJ and producer, PADDY has been quickly building a name for himself, with a multitude of disco and Italo influenced house releases. Since stepping into the game in 2018, PADDY has performed all over the UK, Australia and Berlin.

PADDY has a select few releases set for 2020 in the not so distant future, with a signature Italo disco sound, which you can hear throughout this new mix, which is absolutely perfect for a sun drenched afternoon.

So, for the next hour, open the windows, open the doors, crank the volume right up and enjoy this fantastic feel good mix and vibe. We love it.

If you want to check out more Global Mixes check out our Soundcloud here.
If you want to check out more Global Mixes check out our Soundcloud here.

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