The Infamous Player returns to Ireland for his second club show this Saturday. You can find him playing in Cellar for Dublin party-starters Hidden Love. This comes after a standout hybrid live performance at this years Fuinneamh Festival at Bellurgan Park and we felt it would be only right to dig through this legendary discography, picking our 9 favourite Player tracks (in no particular order) from over the years.

Player – Player 3 (B1)

Kicking off this list, it felt only right to begin with arguably the most recognised Player track, Player 3 – B1. This production is the stuff of legend, with an instantly recognisable intro that has truly stood the test of time. It goes off every time without a hitch, guaranteed.

Player – Player 34 (B2)

Next up we have a release from Player 34 taken from The Infamous Player’s ‘UnTechno EP’ which is available on Bandcamp. This EP is just a small selection of Player tracks that span far beyond the realm of techno, showing just how diverse their productions have spanned over the years. Undeniably funky.

Player – Player 14 (B2)

When thinking of tracks that represent just the right amount of groove and power it can be tough to find ones that balance both perfectly together, the B2 of Player 14 is one of those tracks. Possessing a constant flow of energy throughout and is a certified dancefloor heater.

Player – Player 18 (A1)

This next pick sounds a bit dark and murky in comparison to other Player releases. Though, with that said the bassline and drums do stand out. Giving off a menacingly euphoric vibe throughout which makes for quite an infectious listen.

Player – Player 24 (A1)

Once again stepping away from techno territory with the picks on this list and venturing into some electro sounds we have the A1 off the Player 24 release. The build of this track is steady and consistent while still maintaining its freshness and thumpy sound. This makes for quite the listen, check it out!

Player – Player 21 (A1)

Player 21’s overall release may be up there with one of the buzziest releases amongst the entire Player discography, although the A1 release may take the top spot. Listening through makes it extremely difficult to keep still, carried by the vocals and bass, this music is made for dancing.

Player – Player 17 (A1)

The Player 17 release may be one of the most vast sounding across the Player discography in terms of genres and sounds explored within the release itself. The A1 track in parts wouldn’t sound out of place on some movie scores, it also possesses a sound of nostalgia that can’t quite be described. Essential listening right here!

Player – Player 14 (B2)

The B2 of Player 14 brings us back to that no-nonsense techno sound that Player would be recognised for. This is a peak old-school techno tool that’s made for keeping the momentum high and driving.

Player – Player 20 (B2)

Rounding off this list we finish with another electro track from the Player discography. This track is made up of some core electro elements and is fused with some spacey textures that make for a wonderful listen. Smashing stuff as always.

Tickets for The Infamous Player’s return to Dublin can be purchased here.

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