Once again, we’re delighted to be talking about and premiering even more brand new Irish music, as we premiere the new track ‘Candy’, by Clutterhead.

Today, we premiere the first of two tracks with the Yin Yang collective, who like many labels, started off by running events and club shows, only to now progress into running a label, alongside the events.

The first track of the week, is a track from two of Ireland’s rising talents, Gearóid Peggs and bunkerterror, as the two combine to bring us their ‘Clutterhead’ alias and brand new track titled, ‘Candy’.

The full V/A will feature: Aero, Ani Klang, Blue Hour, Casper Hastings, Ceili, Clutterhead (Peggs + bunkerterror), Dylan Forbes, Gadget and the Cloud, Faith, FALSE PERSONA, Hank LW, Imnotyourmate, Kessler Trax, Low tape, Mackcyy, Maurice Moran, Messiahwaits, Midlands League, Offtrack, Patrice Evra, Rune Bagge, SAAH, Traxsuits and VIGILE. With the debut release featuring many of Irelands rising stars and established names, plus international artists, we expect this V/A and label launch to be a huge success.

Previously established as an event and podcast series based in Dublin, Yin Yang signifies its next step with a vibrant compilation of tracks which touch on dark undertones of techno right through to brighter mutations of DnB, hard-hitting jungle, futuristic electro and beyond. Supplied by flourishing talents across Ireland, UK, Europe, America and South-East Asia.

The compilation breathes in tandem with the listener and offers a slant in the shadows of what else is to come on Yin Yang’s schedule. Available in digital format, ‘Complex Contrast’ leaves a lasting impression with its interpretation of organised chaos, resulting in a perfect blend of kinetic and palpable energies to the end.

The full release date is Friday, September 4th 2020. You can listen to the Clutterhead track below, plus pre-order the full V/A release here.

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