We kick off the weeks premiere’s with a collaboration from two of Ireland’s fast rising stars, as darkmavies and Sweet Philly combine for this outstanding 5 track EP.

darkmavis and Sweet Philly began collaborating following Philly’s ‘Glorified’ remix as part of darkmavies ‘sodarksospicy’ EP with Dubiln DJ and producer sohotsospicy.

The pair synthesised their influences to create a genre-spanning club EP, that draws inspiration from trance, club, house, jungle, breaks, techno and experimental pop music.

Our opening track ‘Sprite’, a dreamy trance-inspired track sets the tone for this uplifting EP building to a Euphoric trap-influenced breakdown. The title, ‘Euphore’ is a bright pink and sparkly 155bpm rave tune stacked with jersey club, trance and pop influences. ‘Stabbed’ is a house-inspired departure from the previous tracks, and something neither of us expected to take form. It’s packed with melodic vocal samples and that classic stabby rave piano sound.

‘5pm’ takes a darker, jungle-infused turn. Amen breaks, bright pads and arps blend with techno and hardcore influences to create an eclectic, exciting dancefloor filler. The closing track ‘IDNF’ was the first track we collaborated on, and set the tone for the whole EP. Starting with a simple lead loop and drum break shared via google drive, ‘IDNF’ grew into a beautiful, experimental-pop inspired club track that synthesised both of our vibes perfectly and propelled us to create this EP. ‘IDNF’ is our own bright pink and sparkly take on Jungle, infused with gabber, rave, trance and DnB influences. We hope you enjoy ☆

You can support the full Euphore EP via Bandcamp here.

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