Today we premiere a melodic and break-heavy track from David Shortt aka Dave Era, as the young Galway DJ and producer shares his latest track ‘The World We Lost’.

Dave Era aka David Shortt is a DJ/Producer from Galway. He co-owns Devoid, a collective based in Galway, and is a resident of A Collective based in Athlone.

As we’ve seen time and time again, one of the good things to come from such a tough year is that many producers have had time away from gigs to hone their skills, which is exactly what Dave Era has done. Over the last year he has developed his sound, bringing a fresh take to his music, bringing elements of classic house and techno to life across uplifting melodies and breaks.

We premiere his latest track ‘The World We Lost, which Dave has kindly given us permission to give away as a free download. We love this track, it’s perfect for a sunny day of reflection, but offers euphoric moments of positivity throughout.

Having previously released on various labels and promotional channels such as Moskalus, Houz, Zone Focus, A Collective and Lefty Shades Records, we expect to hear a lot more from Dave in the near future as the strength of talent in Ireland continues to blossom.

Give Dave Era’s Socials a follow, plus download the track for free via our SoundCloud page below. Help yourself.

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