DJ GUN EMOJI joins a list of Irish artists in Thrust Collective’s Dub Club Vol.1

Thrust Resident, DJ GUN EMOJI features on the impressive Dub Club compilation from the growing Thrust Collective and label. Utilizing the ever-popular ghetto and electro sound, DJ GUN EMOJI delivers his track “Hawt”, and it is exactly that. This hot track holds the movement inducing elements from its catchy vocal samples, laser sounds, 808 cowbells and a bass line that never gives up.

The popularization of certain electronic dance genres through their accessibility from the Internet and various new methods of digging, has produced a music scene with a huge appetite for uniqueness. Thrust’s Dub Club has enforced this fact. With all profits going to ICHH (Inner City Helping Homeless), Thrust aim to help the place they come from with a healthy dose of culture.

Buy the first volume of Dub Club right here.

Listen to DJ GUN EMOJI’s Hawt right below:

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