The harder sounds need some appreciation sometimes don’t they?

Dublin DJ and producer Jish teams up with the Midlands duo of Aaron Collins and Conor T. Curtin (AKA Midlands League) for one of the most in your face tracks you’re likely to hear all year round.

The combination has birthed a rowdy track that melds together some of the hardest kick drums imaginable with eerie alarm sounds and vocal samples. As we get deeper, a ravey breakbeat sets in and from there, the track really takes on a life of its own.

Jish has enjoyed a successful period of late, sharing some of Techno & Cans’ lineups with Clouds, SNTS and Domenico Crisci while Midlands League’s last gig came in the shape of a slot with Anti Social Acid Club in Galway.

Listen to the new track via our Soundcloud below:

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