Incoming! Today we premiere a track from Martina S on the first release of the excellent Gegen Berlin.

Known as one of Berlin’s most cherished and well regarded Queer parties, Gegen profess themselves to be a techno queer political project and their new label was recently born to promote the vision of creating a safe environment of diversity and tolerance around us.

Martina S is an Italian producer and DJ, based in Barcelona and resident at Gegen. She has developed her skills from many years of playing multiple instruments since she began her music studies at the young age of 10. She first dipped her toe into the electronic music environment in Milan using the name DJ Spurk, starting with a house sound.

In 2006 she changed her style shifting it into a minimalistic and underground, techno vibe that she continuously evolves in Barcelona. Most recently, she became a resident in one of the most emblematic and famous techno underground clubs in Barcelona, The Club M7 and she made her debut in one of the most important techno clubs of Berlin, the KitKatClub, playing for one of the most recognised collective of the German capital, Gegen Berlin, where she is now resident.

This V.A release is a massive line-up of all-female (and beyond) techno producers and is banging from start-to-finish.

Martina S pierces us with her hovering and hammering sounds, making a track that will bring the bar of any set up as it’s absolutely relentless. You can pre-order ‘Karma Revenge’ here.

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