Premiere number three of the week, as we head to Belfast to premiere the latest releases from Spilt Milk Records, which is run by the Korova collective.

Another day, another excellent Irish release. Today we host the latest release from Belfast’s ‘Spilt Milk Records‘, as we premiere one of the three tracks on this excellent EP, as Ryan Quinn aka Ocuin steps up with his track titled ‘Gucci Pigies’.

The name of the EP comes from the fact that this EP is made up of tracks from three of our resident DJs, CHARLI, Ocuin and Realm. Our nights aim to showcase a love of varying sounds, from Oudy Arabic chuggers, to D&B, Dub, UKG and UK music in general, to Italo and everything in between. We hope to develop a similar ethos with our label, Spilt Milk, refusing to pigeon hole ourselves to a particular sound, and release what we love hoping others do too.

Taking you straight to the stratosphere with crisp, echoed percussion ornamented with spacedust, Ocuin’s debut release ‘Gucci Piggies’ develops into a strong groove with a weaving bassline that ducks in and then out again. Punchy kicks and shimmering synths pay homage to Ocuin’s early love of trance, with the great ‘Xpander’ making its presence known.

Check out the premiere below, plus pre-order Friday’s release here.

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