Hailing from the recently acclaimed ‘Techno Capital’ of Ireland, Mullingar’s very own Offtrack provides us with some of his signature fast paced and loopy techno goodness.

Thomas Kilmurray, or Offtrack as he’s better known on the Irish circuit has been fast rising to become a familiar name of gig and festival line ups across the country. He’s recently supported or shared stages with some massive acts including Sunil Sharpe, Paula Temple, Tommy Holohan, Cailín and more.

Offtracks Mullingar based collective Labworks has taken on the role of providing the town with a regular dose of their signature sound. This year see’s him release his latest track ‘LFO Clinic’ which we are delighted to premiere on Four Four. This track is being released on the Irish powered, London based label Ceili Collective. Tune in for some heavy hitting listening, courtesy of Offtrack.

Listen to Offtracks dance-floor ready track below.

You can read on and check out the full release below, while not forgetting to pick up the whole catalogue here.

Ceili curates another head-rush compilation of squirming, writhing, fizzling techno on ‘Speed Bumps’, the second VA on his self-titled imprint. This second edition takes a more alternative perspective on todays highly scattered electronic scene, dragging in smaller talents alongside more prominent names laying their hand to less-ordinary and a more scrunched sound palette. The 16 track compilation comes wound to a limited VA cassette across 90 minutes of unpopular techno-trash essentials from the seething opening A, to brain-dancing crunch, to the earthward closing B.

This time tripling in mass, the release pulls together a neat little gang of electronic cable-fiddlers. Speed Bumps contains a wide array of audio beat-science thanks to the 18 contributing artists pushing 2020’s headway techno. Bouncing between techno, IDM, industrial, breakbeat, hardcore and wavy noise. The compilation includes noted contributions from DJ KETAFLUSH, Tom Hang, Oneyra, DJ Whipr Snipr and Oleka, alongside a host of new talent plus collective head Ceili.

A1 Kalli – Sphericurve Cilindr – INTIMACY BETWEEN HARDCORE
A2 DJ Ketaflush – 221018RC – ROLLER DISCO ACID
A3 Ceili – My pet goat Genesis – JELLY BABY BREAKFAST
A4 Ramilitch – Synthetic Voice (Roma Zuckerman Liteworks mix) – PSYCHEDELIC RETREAT PAMPHLET
A6. Offtrack – LFO Clinic – BIGROOM MIXING AGENT
A7. Similarch – Leysdown Bloc (live edit) – EMOTION HINGED HARDCORE
A8. DJ Whipr Snipr & Jaundice – Angry Wallet – SCREAMING BANK MACHINE
B1. Tom Hang – EscapEscaEs – NOISEY PILE DRIVER
B2. DJ Emergency Disaster – Warehouse Definition – A.M GIN WORKOUT
B3. Oneyra– Metamorphosis – CUSTOMISED HEAT GUN
B4. Quelza – Area Oxena – HAUNTED MECHANICAL ARM
B5. DJ Fucku – Soviet Patrick – WALL OF NAILS
B6. Lam Singe – Trance Roving Kin – PUMP ACTION HAMMER
B7. Jon Hussey – Fembot Motion – HYPNO FROG LEGS
B8. Witch Trials – Tremors – FONDLE MY BREAKBEAT

Pre order the whole release here, or stream the whole compilation here.

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