This Tuesday, Rashad will release on Fabrik’s label, dropping his ‘Deep Around’ EP, featuring 4 heavy weight techno remixes, coming from Alex Dolby, Vegim, Juan Trujillo and Aske. We premiere the dance floor destroying techno remix from Vegim.

Vegim’s journey into the underground began in the early 1990’s. Once he began collecting records his obsession grew stronger and he invested his first pieces of music equipment.

His earliest experiments in the studio go back to around 2002. After about 4 years of hard work, he self-released his first EP Creature 3000 with Nani Killa on his label TMMR, which went on to receive support worldwide. He has run his label successfully ever since.

The track is a driving techno, industrial number, that would sit well in a dark, atmospheric techno set. Crank this one up to full volume.

Rashad’s ‘Deep Around‘ track and remix pack is out September 3rd on Fabrik Music. Pick up your copy here.
Rashad Deep Around EP is out September 3rd on Fabrik Music

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