Following on from winning the legendary AVA Festival’s 2019 Emerging Producer competition, Ron Elliot is en route to releasing a slamming 4 track EP on the iconic Extended Play label featuring a remix by Belfast duo PSST, soon to be released on the 28th of February.

Ron Elliot, formerly known by Gareth Elliot has been a player on the Irish circuit for the last few years, from his days running the collective Shed Sessions and throwing regular parties to now focussing more on his production, he has certainly developed and has decided to relocate to his second home, Amsterdam in order to follow his dreams and continue building his career.

After previously attending AVA Festival in 2017 & 2018 as a punter, Ron was absolutely stunned and enlightened at the sheer passion, professionalism and energy the festival had achieved. He found there was a particularly unique euphoric, industrial and high energy sound and all round feel to the festival, and the HIVE EP is a complete soundtrack dedicated to it.

From warpy vocal melodies, pounding 808 infused drums, crunchy break-beats, glitchy and rolling basslines, the EP is a perfect representation of AVA and what it treasures.

Aside from the EP at hand and after a very impressive year of playing Amsterdam’s Radio, playing a core part the Irish circuit with numerous gigs and festivals across the country, he’s currently making plans of beginning his new chapter in Amsterdam and looking to solidify his name in the ranks among the city and mainland Europe.

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