Another week, another string of brilliant Irish releases, this time coming from Irish label, HOTHOUSE, which on Friday will launch their 4th release.

After 3 successful releases, the label is set to offer a new explosive EP, with tracks from Dublin Resident DJ’s Nitetales, Gavin Rochford and new boys Vektor Transmission as they join the HOTHOUSE label crew for an exciting new project.

The HOTHOUSE label are keen advocates of inclusionism, and asked the trio to get involved. The world has always seen barriers and separations and it’s the labels aim to bring everyone together with their music and through the ideology of Inclusionism. Their releases on the label and the music the play and parties is a reminder that, EVERYONE is invited to come and dance. 

The label is a collective of artists that focus on accessible underground music, with the intention of bringing something edgy, but meaningful, back to Ireland’s club scene. The latest release for the label is HHL 004. It features 3 tracks written and dedicated to the sense of togetherness, where music fuses beautifully with society.

All 3 tracks are remixes of PrYmary Colours new single Inclusionism. The project is to further the idea of inclusionism and generate a buzz around its importance. Inclusionism is a new term and meaning.

“Emphasis on, being open to everyone, respecting all differences, and truly understanding and showing that, as individuals, we are all one”

Track 1, which we’re delighted to premiere, “i1″ by Vektor Transmission, is an earthy deep house track, with a tribal feel off it. It brings us back to our roots as society, no matter how technological, we’re always drawn to the natural wooden sounds and beats. A truly exceptional remix of the original

Track 2, “i2″ by Gavin Rochford, takes the EP on a more disco house route, with smooth sampling, and uplifting vibes. Gavin was asked to do a remix and he really steps up to the mark. It’s a pumper set for any club, disco or festival.

Track 3, “i3″ by NiteTales, takes the EP through the realms of italo disco. A sound we love here at HOTHOUSE LABEL, but also a sound that’s been captivating the world the past decade. This track is full of surprises, crisp claps, jumpin’ synths and delivers an all round good time! NiteTales production is contemporary, fresh and hot!!! Just the way we like it.  

You can listen to the excellent track from Vektor Transmission below, plus pre-oder the 3 track EP here.

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