Fuinneamh Festival, which is based in Bellurgan Park, Co. Louth, have today released a heartfelt and poignant video, as Luke Reddy, one of the festival founders, explains the difficulties of running events and festivals with no support or government information.

The video entitled ‘Dear friends of Fuinneamh’ features Fuinneamh Festival founder Luke Reddy, in the idyllic and beautifully shot surroundings of Bellurgan Park, the home of the festival. Throughout the video he addresses the festival’s growth from the very beginning, thanking those who supported the festival in its time of need, to the ticket holders and other members of the events industry.

He covers the importance of being an independent festival, and the difficult choices they had to make during this time. He also discusses how the festival grew from strength to strength, ultimately leading to sold out 2020 and 2021 shows. 

But now, being left with zero government support and no information on how to move forward, a 2021 show is looking near impossible, leading them to have no other choice but to postpone this year’s event.

The team issue a final plea for ticket holders to hold onto their tickets, as Fuinneamh Festival will be ready to announce a show as soon as restrictions are lifted, while also urging customers to hold on to tickets for not just Fuinneamh, but for other events across the country, while independent promoters try to navigate what is already an uphill task.

The very people who buy these tickets, are the people that are keeping the arts alive in this country, as a slow paced government allow the lights go out day by day.

The video is beautifully shot, and the message is impeccably delivered. It really is a must watch.  Keep an eye on all things Fuinneamh Festival via their Facebook page here.

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