While the shops, bars, pubs and certain international travel can resume, there is a small sense of normality returning, if we can call it that, however, there is no sense or normality or even a plan in place for the night time industry.

The clubs and events were among the very first to close its doors back in early 2020, which we did gladly, in hope and to be honest, not really knowing the true impact and dangers which were coming our way, but we closed our doors, cancelled our shows and postponed events.

Fast forward 16 months and the clubs, festivals, events and live music industry in Ireland is still closed and not only is it still closed, we have no indication, hope or road map in place. As it stands, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, just a tunnel that keeps getting longer.

Long time hero of the scene, international DJ and Give Us The Night founder, Sunil Sharpe, is once again in our fighting corner and putting the questions to those that hold us back.

Yesterday, Sunil Sharpe penned an open letter to Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar and Catherine Martin laying out a range of necessary measures to help our industry reopen safely and swiftly.

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