The legendary Hans Zimmer has today been announced as the replacement for Dan Romer. Dan Romer has scored previous James Bond films and has worked with the film’s production company ‘Eon Productions’ before, however, he has decided to step back from the role on the latest addition to the James Bond franchise due to ‘creative differences’. 

‘No time to die’ is the 27th addition to the James Bond series and is due to land in Irish cinemas on April 10th. This gives Zimmer less than four months to score the future blockbuster. That is most definitely not an easy task and it is the first time that the composer has been changed mid production. 

Hans Zimmer has worked on films such as ‘Dunkirk’ ‘Interstellar’ ‘Gladiator’ and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series to name a few. He is highly regarded as one of the best and most celebrated movie composers and has been awarded an Oscar for his efforts previously. 

Fan’s of the iconic Bond series should be excited to see the fresh take that Zimmer will bring to what’s looking like a massive addition to the Bond franchise.

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