Techno music has a die hard following that people would not dare to cross. Its roots go way back to the originators like Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and other iconic faces of the genre.

Nowadays though, there seems to be a conflict of interest between the people who are listening to the likes of Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick or even Enrico Sanguliano that are not agreeing with what these artists are producing as they stamp their projects as ‘Techno’.

The ‘HATE’ YouTube channel thrives due to its daily release of brand new Techno tracks that stay grounded to the genre’s specific roots from back in the day, unlike the more saturated style that is being thrown around lately.

The ‘HATE’ channel has given a platform for up and coming talent from around the world to showcase their brand new releases to the exact audience in which they are looking to garner, which is what makes the channel so special.

Acts like I Hate Models, Fabrizo Rat, Boston 168, Regal, 999999999, Anetha and many more have all been highly successful after allowing their projects to be shared onto the YouTube page, Some artists are even being booked around the world due to how well their productions have been received on the channel.

The channel is a massive influence in setting Techno’s trends and dictating how the sound expands to a completely new audience.

Here are five tracks shared onto the ‘HATE’ YouTube channel that we’re listening to at the moment.

Anetha – Acid Rain

I Hate Models – Daydream

Dax J – Escape The System

Under Black Helmet – Misbehavior

Cleric – Side Fx

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