Ahead of Prozak’s first all-night-long in Tengu this Friday, we thought it would be beneficial to have a quick chat with him about the show to discuss how he’s feeling ahead of the gig and to see what he might have in store for those in attendance on the night.

Prozak, one of Ireland’s brightest artistic talents touches down in Tengu for his all-nighter. He has accomplished quite a considerable amount between now and his last time in the booth in Tengu since YUQT. Debut Boiler Room, his first Australian tour and started his own imprint Bluepress amongst other things. This of course is a testament to his discographies depth and immense amount of lauded unreleased. We sat down for a brief chat about his upcoming show this weekend.

How are you feeling ahead of your all-night-long show in Tengu this Friday?

“Buzzing! I can’t wait for it. It’s gonna be fun to dig deep into the record bag and play stuff you don’t usually get to play.”

What are your feelings on all-nighters, and how important it is to have the opportunity to perform them as a DJ?

“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. And no better spot for it than Tengu. I think they’re important absolutely for DJs in the sense that they can actually build into a set and take you on a journey instead of just whacking out a power hour or whatever.”

What can attendees expect ahead of Fridays gig?

“We’ll obviously I’m into my uk garage and uk bass music. That’s well documented. But I’ve got a wide range of tunes in my bag, from prog house to disco. It’s going to be really fun to maybe surprise few people with some selections and yeah just have a sick party.”

Are you planning on playing much unreleased at the show?

“Yeah I’ve got lots of new bits to play out. I’ve got a breaks remix of hypnotic state. A Dublin classic. Hoping to see some tears on the dancefloor.”

Remaining tickets for Friday’s show can be purchased here.

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