Rewind a year and 999999999’s were due to perform in Ireland, as part of an extra special party promoted by Research on St Patricks Day. This event sadly, was one of the first events cancelled as the wrath of Covid -19 and its restrictions began to take a hold of the country.

The high-octane techno pairing took the clubbing industry by storm in a pre-covid world, leaving their mark on dancefloor far and wide with a live set packed full of complex acid lines, energy fuelled rave sounds and of course pounding kicks.

Armed with the hopes of club re-openings on the horizon, we touched base with the 999999999 duo to talk about productivity in a pandemic, plans for the NineTimesNine imprint, forthcoming music and more!

Hi guys, how are you both doing with lockdown in Italy?

It was a tough period of forced rest, but we are now physically and mentally well and ready to restart as soon as possible, as soon as the necessary conditions are in place to play and to party safely.

The last year was strange for everyone in the music industry. How have you been making the most of it in terms of music production and growing your label until events return?

We have worked a lot on different releases and remixes for different labels, some of which have already been released in 2020, while others to be released later in 2021.

And of course we have also given space to many artists on our label with vinyl releases and by launching our digital catalog for talented and emerging artists.

Do you find yourself more or less inspired in the studio since the pandemic began, and why?

There have been moments of great inspiration and others in which it may have been more difficult, but having a lot of time available has certainly helped us to complete a lot of unfinished work that, before the lockdown and with touring, playing so often, we would not have been able to finish.

Did the lockdown allow you guys to explore new or old hobbies or devote time to other activities outside of music?

Of course, we have tried to keep fit by going to the gym and practicing other sports to avoid getting lazy.

What do you guys miss the most about life pre-pandemic and lockdown?

We miss what we lived before, being able to be in contact with people in any situation, especially during our gigs, sharing all those great moments with those who love music like us.

We know you live in Italy but I assume not together, even though you posted a funny video of you both in bed having a live acid techno jam session! How do you guys get together to produce music and play in the studio, especially when in lock down. Did you work together online?

That’s right, we both live in Milan now, but not in the same place. Obviously we met each other several times to work together on new ideas for live performances and new tracks.

When it was not possible, we tried to optimize the time by exchanging ideas and projects online and then consulting by phone on how to edit and to make them sound better.

It’s been almost a year since the both of you were touring and playing live sets in Europe, the States and everywhere in between. Has your live set-up changed in this time?

Yes, we have made several changes and every week we work and try to understand which things can bring our live performances to a next level.

2021 has just begun and, other than hoping that the parties come back, I am sure you guys have some music planned for this year? Can you tell us anything about this?

We will release a new vinyl EP in the first part of the year on our label, and we’ll release several remixes for many artists like SNTS and Nico Moreno. We will also release some singles on labels of artists with whom we have an excellent relationship, such as Exhale by Amelie Lens and Reckless (Dyen’s new label which will be launched in July) and a track on a V/A we care about, dedicated to our manager Stefano who unfortunately left us few months ago.

Our condolences on the loss of Stefano. What are some of the key parties, cities and countries you can’t wait to go back to once you can travel again?

We miss many places. In Europe, there are crazy parties and events in the Netherlands, France, Georgia and of course in Ireland too, every time we played there we had so much fun.

Outside Europe, our heart is in the USA and Los Angeles and we can’t wait to explore South America on our tour at the end of November of this year between Colombia, Chile and Argentina!

Thank you guys, we can’t wait to have you back in Ireland!’

You’re welcome guys!! See you soon on the dance floor!

If you, like ourselves, are keen to listen to a whole day of 999999999 mixes after that read, you can check out some of their recent mixes below.

Words: Marco Sgalbazzini & 999999999.

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