On Monday we premiered an electro track from Maurice Anthony Moran as part of his brand new 7 track album ‘Life After Roland‘. Today, Maurice delves deeper into his ‘Life After Roland‘ project with an in depth conversation with the excellent, Volruptus.

Life after Roland is a 7 track album by Maurice Anthony Moran, that aims to expose and tackle pre existing conventions within electro. Specifically targeting the use of vintage drum machines such as the Roland TR-808.

Maurice wanted to provide users with a strong public presentation of his ideas and to convince people of his own convictions.

We’ll let Maurice take over the article from here, as he dives deep into his thought process and intentions of the album and interview with Volruptus.

To present my ideas, I chose to conduct an interview with an artist within electro that is pushing the bounds of the genre, to generate an open ended debate regarding the repetitive use of vintage drum machines within electro.

My intention is not to say using vintage drum machines is wrong, it’s great in its own right and retro music is an art of its own, my conviction is to highlight how prevalent it is within electro, and how more people challenging this could positively affect the genre.

Berlin based Icelandic electro producer Volruptus, has been knocking around for a few years with releases such as on Nina Kravis’ label трип and Sweaty Records, but his most sizeable mark on the industry came from his recent 12 track album on Bjarki’s own ‘bbbbbb’ imprint. While there are undeniable links to classic Detroit electro within Volruptus’ music, there is a strong scent of originality, particularly within the drum sound palette.

This is why I thought Volruptus would be a perfect fit for the discussion. I believe he is one of a handful of electro artists, making original music through drum synthesis originality.

Volruptus produces a lot of his music using his modular setup, so it was a perfect match for the concept from a technical perspective.

For the interview I wanted to discuss Volruptus’ artistic background and technical workflow, while also addressing some of the arguments within my concept. The interview discusses in detail the role of 808s within electronic music, the role of retro aesthetics in modern day music, how pushing conventions can be good for music and how one might go about it.

My assumptions to the character of Volruptus proved to be correct and he had a lot of interesting points and opinions on these matters. He delivered a strong and authentic interview, which gives viewers an insight into his artistic practice and on his opinion on the matters raise“.

We hosted Maurice’s interview with Volruptus on our Four Four Magazine YouTube channel. You can watch the full 1 hour interview below.

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