Animal lovers and folk band, Ferocious Dog, a six-piece band based in the UK, at the weekend thwarted a government banger cull, by setting up their bands PA and setting the volume up to 10 in The New Forest woodlands.

You would be forgiven for thinking there was about to be a couple of thousand people, blaring techno and people dancing until the early hours of the morning, such is the set up Ferocious Dog had amassed, plus the locations known party hotspot, however, on this occasion it was quite the opposite…

We’ll let Peter Roach of Ferocious Dog explain this one.

“Just had the police around because of this !😂😂😂😂😂 No, we’re not having an illegal rave. Last night the government assassin’s of badger’s turned up in the village informing us they had permission to cull badger’s in the area. They were universally told to fuck off. But informed us they’d be back with a police back up. Strange really as the Badger cull is because of unproven science about T.B. in cattle. And the forest area ain’t got many dairy farms.

Anyway the Badger assassin’s turned up tonight along with the police. But here’s my staff member and road manager Rocky and his mate earlier with a fuck off Soundsystem that has scared every bit of wildlife out the area.
Sod off government this is the New Forest we do things are own way around here can’t stop your inhumane cull of animals, but we can peacefully fuck it up with music”

We absolutely love this!

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