If you’re into memes and dance music, or just memes, the TWTMEGP group is more than likely where you spend many hours laughing at the relentless humour and dance music inspired jokes.

Between the memes and the laughs, The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page admin crew and many excellent contributors, including the iconic artist Jim, have put their collective humourous heads together to raise funds for the excellent mental health charity, Mind.

Last night the team announced ‘Grooves For The Mind’, a global streaming mental health charity fundraiser. On the 29th & 30th of October, the crew will welcome 60 hours+ of electronic music from 34 artists over 7 channels around the world, streaming to your laptops, phones and tablets all for free. [The lineup will be revealed on October 18th]

With Sunday being World Mental Health Day, the crew launched the Grooves For The Mind website with the live stream in mind, while also launching the donation link via JustGiving here.

As well as the excellent live steam, the quite brilliant ‘Jim’ll Paint It‘ has contributed a bespoke version of his iconic 90’s party photo, adding Ricardo Villalobos embracing the rave hero and one of the most recognised ravers in the world, the legendary Bounce by the Ounce to the masterpiece.

The one of a kind piece of art will be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards their overall charity push. You can put your bids in and try and own this iconic piece of art here.

Grooves For The Mind.

“The electronic music industry is a beautiful place that delivers so much happiness around the world. What isn’t spoken about enough is the unhappiness it can also bring. 

The pandemic is an obvious way to look at the impact it has had, but the struggles that many people suffer have been around long before and will continue long after. 

Our goal is to use music to raise awareness of this across the world whilst also supporting a brilliant mental health charity in Mind.

The new initiative is asking for a £2 donation from everyone to help them raise £100,000 for Mind Mental Health Charity. You can donate here.

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