Justice’s long awaited return to Ireland is just around the corner as the iconic French duo take their world renowned live show to the upcoming installment of Forbidden Fruit at the end of this month. 

With a typically busy festival season ahead, the duo surprisingly dropped a video for their ‘Stop’ track that featured on the pair’s last album ‘Woman’.

The track features their new approach; fusing electro with disco in what is an entirely unique sound that is featured throughout the depths of their latest album.

With a strong ‘Interstella 5555’-vibe, the duo most definitely channeled some Daft Punk visual influences for the animated video that accompanies the track’s grand vocals with an unapologetic use of vintage neon animation from start to finish, you can check it out below.

Accompanying the new video was an announcement that they will be performing a live stream show tomorrow at 4pm GMT, with a link to watch the show available here.

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